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Prelude To A Supernova IPA

IPA  |  6.8% ABV  |  55 IBU

You ever see those beautiful, intricate, amazingly mind blowing photos of galaxies and nebulas and exoplanets and neutron stars from that $10,000,000,000 James Webb Space Telescope and then just look up in the sky and say “I don’t know …I’m just not seeing that.” and then get back to scrolling on your phone? It’s like – WE GET IT – you took a picture BILLIONS of lightyears away of a low luminosity stellar core remnant composed of mostly electron degenerate matter being triggered into runaway nuclear fusion. Oh how cool, now it’s collapsing into a black hole right before our eyes. But like, where’s the romance? WHERE’S THE MYSTERY? Why do you have to make us all feel so insignificant, James Webb, just rubbing your cutting edge space technology into our mundane, medial prefrontal cortexes. How the fuck are we supposed to marvel at this carefully crafted west coast meets hazy IPA brewed with Galaxy, Citra,&  Mosaic hops laid over a base of 2 Row, Oats & Wheat when you’re over here showing off all your sexy stellar pictures of shit we CANT EVEN SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES so whatever, enjoy this beer we simpletons made.