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Regression to the Mean

Pale  |  6.1% ABV  |  48 IBU

Um, we have a question. Well, we have lots of questions. But let’s start with this one: Why do pale ales have such perceived low ceilings? It’s like they are at a disadvantage in drinkers minds for the very essence of their existence. It’s as if that since they are not as hoppy or as strong as an IPA, you can’t like them as much as an IPA, and they certainly can’t be as good as an IPA. And therein lies the issue – the comparison to a bigger, more flavorful yet similar style – when the standards should be clearly separated in the drinkers the mind. Pale’s are their OWN THING! They are clean, simple, nuanced, bright, dry, and balanced. They are sessionable, beautiful, interesting, and challenge you to search for, and think about, their milder yet still expressive attributes. Take this beer for instance! You’ve got limey and piney Comet hops from Shinn & Son farms, paired with grapefruit forward Simcoe hops from Loftus Ranches. Those flavors continue to meld, new notes constantly presenting themselves with every next sip, as you ponder how it evolves from your first pint to your second. Isn’t that cool? Yep. 3 caps.
6.1% abv, 48 IBUs