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Rock The Boat

Hazy Pale Ale  |  6.2% ABV  |  40 IBU

A few times in our lives, we’ve been told to not “rock the boat.” It’s kinda similar to telling someone to “calm down,” as it often garners a response that has the opposite of the desired effect. And if ever there was a time to rock the boat…that time is NOW. Because among other things, we live in a country that: continuously cuts healthcare funding and is the only developed nation that refuses to offer universal healthcare; aims to strip the rights of body autonomy and LGBTQIA+ equality; gerrymanders and limits access to voting in free and fair elections; continues to insert Christianity into public policy and education; ignores a looming climate crisis while giving in to big industry and corporate greed; and refuses to pass reasonable, common sense gun control measures when more Americans have died domestically from firearms than from ALL WARS COMBINED¹; among MANY other issues….so…ok… FUCK THIS SHIT. Go on now, ROCK. THAT. BOAT. And if you get thirsty while you’re doing it, here is a pleasant, juicy pale ale hopped with Strata and Citra upon a soft grist of 2- Row, Pils, Red Wheat, & Spelt.