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Show Your Work IPA

IPA  |  7.2% ABV  |  64 IBU

Look at us! We’ve jumped to the conclusion and correctly made an IPA. But how did we get here? Well, like a good student, we’re going to break it down and document our thinking.
Ok let’s start with alcohol. 14.6 OG – 2.0 TG = 12.6 x .57 = 7.182 rounded up to 7.2%
Malt Flavor? Ha. Um. No thanks! Let’s keep it light and neutral – Rahr 2 Row, Weyermann Pils, Carafoam, & Acidulated.
Water…a pinch of Gypsum, a little CaCl, splash of Phosphoric Acid, squirt of Lactic Acid…ok we’re bored.
HOPS. Our FAVORITE! Bitterness? Present but pleasant. Now let’s go to flavortown. Since it’s wet and dark and gloomy, we’re going tropical. On the hot side let’s do 46% Azacca, 31% Mosaic, & 23% Hallertua Blanc – all to the total of 1.5#/bbl. Then, DRY HOP! 57% Mosaic, 29% Hallertua Blanc, and 14% Azacca – because that’ll just pop of pineapple, papaya, & passion fruit at a total of 3#/bbl.
Hmm, what other factors. Finings? = 0 Yeast? Our house A30. Temp? 68F. Time? 20 days, like clockwork.
Ok we’re pretty much done. Time to Double Check. Take a sip. Mmm. NOW GIVE US A FUCKING GOLD STAR.
7.2% abv, 64 IBUs