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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Something Black Metal

Imperial Stout with Vanilla  |  9.5% ABV  |  40 IBU

How do you do, fellow metal heads? Can we interest you in some DARK BLACK LIQUID SORCERY?! With like, dangerous medieval spiked ball things. And an EVIL Cthulhu that does bad BAD things from a candlelit throne of sorrow. Like, stabbing sacrificial goats with its tentacles. To make Birria. Mmm yum. Wait, ok, no Birria. Forget we said that. FOCUS. What say you, satanic heathens, if we bring a certifiable expert at METAL to amplify the METAL. Whose expertise is also big delicious stouts. Like David Darkheart Coyne from Obelisk Brewing out of the DAMP DARK PINES AND TREACHEROUS RIVER MOUTH OF CURSED ASTORIA. Because that’s what we did here. All we had to do was summon him via a demonic wail. And crucify a few woodland animals. So BEHOLD! SOMETHING BLACK METAL!