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Sounds Familiar IPA

IPA  |  7.2% ABV  |  55 IBU

You know when you hear a song on the radio that has a familiar hook, or a recycled chorus, or maybe a brief sample? And you’re like, I know I’ve heard that before but I can’t place it because I listen to so much music ALL the time? Well a similar thing happens every once in a while while we’re writing IPA recipes. With hundreds of IPA brews under our belt, and only a couple dozens of hop varieties – sometimes we just gravitate towards a similar combo. And most times we realize this, and make some changes prior to brewing. But in rare times, the deja vu element doesn’t kick in until later…and that’s when we tweak that dry-hop. Hallertau Blanc and Vic Secret are a natural pairing – white wine and white grapefruit along with some passionfruit and pith. We’ve done this before a few times, but we tend to push and pull it with a third hop – like Citra. And….fuck we did that already. So in goes some Mosaic Cryo as well. We also kinda did that already too! BUT – not all together so….voila! Delicious NEW IPA!
7.2% abv, 55 IBUs