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Space For Rent IPA

IPA  |  7.0% ABV  |  55 IBU

You know, there’s a whole lotta space for rent these days. But not like the space you want. LIVING SPACE? Is it up to date? Clean? In a convenient location? At an affordable rate? Pshhh. COMMERCIAL SPACE? Oh cool – an empty office building downtown with a NNN more than the actual $/sf. OPEN SPACE? Fuck off – that shit should be free. Even LITERAL SPACE is for rent. You wanna rent the moon or a star, that shit is fair game – just give an “official” website your money. And CONCEPTUAL SPACE IS FOR RENT, like Web 3.0, where a meme of you can exist in a cloud on a server where you buy and sell NFTs, along with groceries and other things to keep your virtual tamagotchi-self from dying. EVEN FIGURATIVE SPACE is for rent, like in your head, sometimes rent free, because it’s been infiltrated by another entity. HEAD SPACE! … Where are we going with all this? Um. Let’s see. So. This beer… is… about ALL OF THOSE SPACES because it’s a liquid convergence on an Ultra 4D triple axis – Galaxy hops take up the largest amount of space, Citra takes up the space between, and Cascade’s shrinking space reminds you of previous spaces. And all of this can be had for a non-contractual single transaction, essentially like renting a pint glass for a moment, but on your terms.