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Starter Home

Milk Stout  |  5.5% ABV  |  35 IBU

Hello and welcome to Cloudburst Realtors. Come on in! We’d like to show you our newest listing! This simple milk stout has layers of flavor and nuance, without being too garish or extreme. It’s sensible, affordable, chocolatey, and sweet yet balanced. Overall, it’s a great place to start off as a first time stout drinker, or even just a stout minimalist. Sure, someday, you might want MORE. Maybe you want a touch more alcohol; or amenities like vanilla or coffee beans; heck even luxuries like Ghanese cocoa nibs or hand toasted coconut; or splurge for an alternate dwelling barrel in the backyard for a little extra oomph. WOULDN’T IT BE SO NICE?! ONE CAN ONLY DREAM!!! But for now, this quaint milk stout shall do – an affordable beginning to your line up that you can build generational stout with. And good news – the Brewer is motivated to move it. Don’t let this hidden gem get away!