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Stories From Now IPA

IPA  |  7.1% ABV  |  65 IBU

You know how we always talk about stories of the past? Like last year, or like pre-pandemic, or like back in the day? We know – it’s fun to reminisce! But also, it’s important to make some fresh memories – like right now – because those stories were back then and this beer wasn’t there for it. And we want you to remember this beer – in real time! We used Citra (duh), a relatable hop you have lots of positive memories of, along with Talus (Hop 692), a new hop you totally need more memories of.  We also threw in a splash of Skagit White Wheat to round out all of those beautiful citrusy and tropical notes, dancing around, splashing in your mouth, laughing HAHA as the sun recedes from sight, and the beer realizes that this it’s last story ever because it’s about to be digested. Damn, that got dark…