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Tell Me Lies

Contemporary American-Style Pilsner  |  5.4% ABV  |  38 IBU

Back by semi-popular demand! Our first time around, this was a bit lower abv, and we considered it a session lager…and then won a Gold medal at the Washington Beer Awards in that category. So that is neat. This time around, it gained a little strength, but is still sessionable to us, especially with that old-meets-new-world hop bill of Cascade, Mosaic, & Galaxy.  You see – lagers are super easy to make and require no skill nor attention to details nor patience nor prior brewing experience whatsoever. Nope, you can’t disguise. Soon, they will flood the market and craft will be stoked because sessionable, subtle, balanced beers are what they are always asking for. Oh, we’ll tell ya lies. Sweet, little lies. Unlike somebody else’s lies….those are not sweet, nor little, AND WE TOLD OURSELVES WE WOULDN’T GO THERE ON THIS DESCRIPTION.