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thank u, next ipa

IPA  |  7.1% ABV  |  65 IBU

Thought we’d end up with Bangerz, but it wasn’t a match. Brewed some named for Kanye, now we sippin’ and laugh. Even almost miss Snoozefest, and for Cool Story we’re thankful. Wish we could say thank you to Slap Bag, ‘cause that beer was an angel. One taught us salts. One taught us dankness. One taught us cryo, now we dialin’ profile. We’ve loved and we’ve lost, but that’s not what we need. So look what you’ve got, a new IPA indeed. This one has Vic Secret. This one has Blanc. This one has Mosaic. Now you’ll sip and taste it. And after this you’ll move on, just like the rest. Just look back briefly, and say “thank you, next.”
7.1% abv, 65 IBUs