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Hi! Just a heads up, in case you're new here! We actually have TWO locations. Our Shilshole (Ballard) beer garden is open for pints onsite & beer To-Go all 7 days a week. WOW! Our Western (Downtown) location also offers To-Go beer 7 days a week, plus limited indoor seating on FRI PM - SUN. #themoreyouknow

Thank You For Sharing

TIPA  |  10.2% ABV  |  69 IBU

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Then comes Christmas. That means FAMILY TIME. Which is fun…sometimes…in small doses. Just like this beer. It’s hopped mostly with Mosaic and then we used a cast of characters to round out some juicy, fruit forward notes – Centennial in the kettle, Simcoe Cryo powder during fermentation, Hop 638, Idaho 7, & Citra throughout and finished it off with some extra Mosaic Cryo. The more you sip, the more familial interactions become bearable, the more you can handle awkward conversation, and the warmer and/or indifferent you become. So when your fiscally conservative yet always asking for money drunk Uncle gives his unsolicited opinions on millennial’s work ethic, the global warming hoax, and how inconvenient PC culture is, all while insisting that he’s not racist BUT….you can just take in a large sip and respond with “Thank You For Sharing”….or “OK Boomer”…or “Get Fucked.”
10.2% abv, 69 IBUs