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That Is Neat

Experimental Pale Ale  |  5.7% ABV  |  48 IBU

Wanna know what we did here? Ok. So, we teamed up with Totally Natural Solutions and CLS Farms to make a strong pale ale with El Dorado hops. But not just pellets. Because TNS has a few hop products up their sleeves that we were unfamiliar with – namely FLOE and HopBurst – that we decided to put through the ringer during the brew day and after fermentation. We took lots of notes. We observed lots of things. We took pictures. We compared data. Just like a scientist, but less so. Alas, the final assessment needs to be completed…which is, do we like the way this beer smells and tastes? And, do YOU like the way this beer smells and tastes? We look forward to you reading and hearing all your comments…haha PSYCH!