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Hi! Just a heads up, in case you're new here! We actually have TWO locations. Our Shilshole (Ballard) beer garden is open for pints onsite & beer To-Go all 7 days a week. WOW! Our Western (Downtown) location also offers To-Go beer 7 days a week, plus limited indoor seating on FRI PM - SUN. #themoreyouknow

The Ghost of Great Owl

Dark Stuff  |  6.3% ABV  |  27 IBU

Gather round children for a story of dread and delight, about an owl and a pumpkin on a terrible night. There was a day, way back when, when pumpkin beer was “it.” A festival was born – joyous and raucous, overflowing with wit. Great Pumpkin and Night Owl filled everyone’s glasses, as the people would cheer “Pumpkin beers for the masses!” But then one dreadful year, everything was changed – a soul sold to the devil, never to be the same. Pumpkin beer was dead, a hollow shell. Alone and rotting, banished to hell. In memory of times past, enjoy this spiced pumpkin beer while it lasts.
6.3% abv, 27 IBUs