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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Tone It Down

Pale  |  6.2% ABV  |  50 IBU

Often times, we use pale ales to explore new hop varieties or hop combinations or unfamiliar flavor profiles. This is not one of those times. This time, we used a hop combination of Simcoe, Citra, & Idaho 7, one you could typically find in one of IPAs, but then we just…toned it down. We were up here (hand gesture about neck high) and then we just took it down here (hand gesture about waste high). We know how these hops, they play nice together, let’s drop it low and see what subtleties and nuances come to the forefront. We get citrus peel, pineapple, & spruce tips, all wrapped up in a light, quenchable package. Sometimes you just gotta SHUSHHHHHHH!
6.2% abv, 50 IBUs