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Too Late IPA

IPA  |  6.8% ABV  |  55 IBU

…but it was TOO LATE. Steve was so excited about the Citra Vista IPA he had brewed a mere 2 days ago, that he inadvertently dry-hopped the tank with the next week’s varieties. Citra and Vista had joined the Mosaic and Nelson party. And after some loudly exclaimed expletives, and a deep breath, he realized that this combination has potential to actually taste pretty great. And so, we decided to make things interesting by doing the inverse recipe from the week before for this beer. Which ended up being a fun experiment as far as flavor and aroma impact go in regards to hop addition sequences! And yeah, the malt bills are different, but sometimes hops happen and you just have to roll with it. Please enjoy this inadvertent yet delicious beer, and compare it to Wait Wait IPA to discover the nuance.
Hot Side (Kettle/Whirlpool): Citra & Vista
Cold Side (Dry Hop): Mosaic & Nelson
Notes of: pineapple, passionfruit, lime