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Too Many Grams Per Liter

IPA  |  7% ABV  |  60 IBU

OLA! This is the LAST FRESH HOP brew of the season for us. So, we decided to bring in an international brewer – Narcose of Brazil – to share in the gospel of all that is harvest and fresh hop. We decided to grab two varieties from two farms – Ekuanot from Carpenter Ranches in Granger and Chinook from Cornerstone Ranches in Toppenish. Narcose was amazed at the sheer volume of hops we were using – 255 pounds total at 17#/bbl – but in almost every other country than the USA, they don’t use pounds to weigh anything. Nor do they use barrels. Because ‘Murica is gonna ‘Murica. In the rest of the world, they use grams and they use liters. The math comes out to roughly 65 grams per Liter on this beer…if you care. And that’s just too much.
7.0% abv, 60 IBUs