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English Dark Mild  |  4.1% ABV  |  30 IBU

Believe it or not, this our THIRD dark mild recipe – i.e. Gen 3, as the kids say.  And everytime we make one of these, we can’t help thinking (& drinking) about Bill’s Dark Mild over at Machine House Brewery, 5840 Airport Way S  #121, Seattle, WA 98108. That beer is just perfect. It’s rich, roasty and complex, yet unbelievably crushable. Just WOW. So good. And take it from us – we’re experts.  So you’re probably wondering, why keep making a version of one if Bill’s is the unattainable pinnacle of the style. Well, for a few reasons. 1. To draw your attention to a style AND a brewery that deserves more love. 2. To show you how much better Bill’s is than ours…that said, we still think ours is top notch for an “IPA Brewer.”  3. Bill doesn’t package any of his beer in cans (just casks, bottles for $6 and 4l boxes for $35), so we can at least offer you an additional benefit of convenience. 4. To coerce Bill into an awkward photoshoot. 5. There’s plenty of space to Dark Mild. If you drink it, and tell your friends, more will show up. #mildmovement