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Very Köln

Kölsch Style Ale  |  4.9% ABV  |  22 IBU

In our opinion, Kölsch is one of the more intimidating styles to brew – hence why we’ve never made one before. And to be honest, we didn’t even know what they’re supposed to taste like, as available German options are often old and battered, and American versions usually take some style liberties. So, Steve went to Cologne this past March, and drank A LOT of Kölsch to figure them out. While no two breweries were alike, there was an overarching theme to the style – light to medium neutral malt character, with water-crackery and subtle honey notes; low “struck match” sulfur aromatics; lots of fruity esters from the yeast, ranging from lemon balm to melon to blueberry to pear to cranberry to white grape; and balanced bitterness from floral hops and an persistent, limestone minerality. They start sweet and soft, but finish dry with an endearing bite. And overall, they are delicate, subtle, and built to consume multiples in a sitting. Arguably, they are just as much of a yeast driven style as saison as is – which might’ve been the most surprising takeaway. Alas, we humbly present to you our first attempt at this style. We’re pretty stoked on the first go around…but there will be more variations to come down the road!