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Wait Wait IPA

IPA  |  6.9% ABV  |  58 IBU

As most of you – our customers, our drinkers, our fans – have come to know, our IPA recipes are created with explicit intent (even if the names and descriptions might not make it seem that way). We start with a blank slate: build the malt bill, perseverate over the hop bill, go back to the malt bill to see if we should tweak it now that we have an idea of what hops we’re using, then finally go back over the hops and dry-hop. Oftentimes, we ask questions like: Are we building this beer around a specific hop variety? Is it the relationship between two hop varieties? Is it a combination of 2, 3, 4 maybe 5 hop varieties to express a desired flavor and aroma profile? Or is this a new combination so we can discover what that outcome might be? Why are we telling you all of this? Well, because this beer started out to see what two lots of Mosaic hops would do with one specific lot of Nelson Sauvin hops. But, nearing the end of a long day, 8 days after we brewed this beer, Steve carefully weighed out the hops for the dry hop addition, climbed up the ladder, and as soon as he finished adding 88# total pounds of Vista and Citra hops, an inner voice exclaimed “WAIT! WAIT!”…
Hot Side (Kettle/Whirlpool): Mosaic & Nelson
Cold Side (Dry Hop): Citra & Vista
Notes of: nectarine, lychee, white grapefruit, meyer lemon