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Watch Til The End IPA

IPA  |  6.7% ABV  |  60 IBU

Oh hey you whatcha’ scrolling? You on the Tok? Cool. Us too. We Tik the shit out of the interweb all day, every day. It’s kinda a passion – like you can find anything on there, and it’s all like 5 seconds long, and some of these things make you laugh and some make you cry and some are boring and some are weird…BUT OUR FAVE VIDS ARE THE ONES WITH THE TWIST ENDING. Like, this brewery is making an IPA and talking about the hops they use in it and it’s like Citra (YEAHHH!) and Mosaic (THE BEST.) and then they drop a bomb on you with Columbus Cryo. COLUMBUS?! WTF BRO?! My Dad doesn’ even think that shit is cool (he’s #teamcentennial btw) so then you start wondering if you’re being played and the jokes on you. But then, it’s actually not, because this old OG dank hop in modern form is actually LEGIT. Like, blood orange flesh meets sappy, sticky pine resin that’ll just leave you shook, thinking about life and heavy stuff, for like 5 seconds, and then on we go, down the wormhole, more content please!