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We Need To Talk

DIPA  |  8.6% ABV  |  65 IBU

Hi. Hey. Do you have a minute? Ok. So, we want to start out by saying we really appreciate the effort – because we know it comes from a good place. I mean, you started a thing and paved the road for us to make beers like this. It’s just…you’ve become kind of aggressively bitter. And you’re so heated – like the higher alcohols are stinging our nostrils. We just want some balance, ya know? Like you can be all about the hops, but the hops aren’t EVERYTHING. I mean, they’re IMPORTANT – but so is your malt bill, your yeast, your fermentation. A harmonious, drinkable life. And not we’re leaving you for the next pretty young thing – with their lactose and their 40% Oats and their fruit addition post-fermentation. We think they’re idiots too. It’s time for self care and a DIPA we want to drink. New Year, New Me, New Mosaic, New Comet. 8.6% abv, 65 IBUs