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We Used To Vacation IPA

IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  58 IBU

It’s the last day of June, in the year 2020. Last year, June was filled with trips to England, Kansas City, Ontario, & Portland….and those were for WORK. Yes, they were fun…but they weren’t legit, unplug-from-from-the-matrix-style vacations. THOSE have always been few & far between. Still, we’re longing for any type of getaway right now – be it for work or play. BUT WE CAN’T EVEN. First, there’s a global pandemic that’s still ravaging the states, which could’ve AND should’ve been avoided, prevented, mitigated…like most other developed countries have done….but muh freedoms, ya know? And second, we have a small business to navigate amidst this chaos – which requires important decisions, on the fly, almost daily, that holds the fate of our hopes, dreams, and incomes. At least we can channel some our pent up energy into a delicious IPA, like this one, which starters with a blended malt bill of 2 row, Pils, Red wheat, Golden Naked Oats, &  Flaked Wheat and was then loaded with a tropical soiree of Strata, Mosaic, and Vic Secret hops. Someday, we will take a vacation again. Right? RIGHT?! PLEASE! GOD. PLEASE.