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Well, Actually

NZ-Style Extra Pils  |  4.9% ABV  |  38 IBU

We know what you’re thinking. What the fuck is a New Zealand-style Extra Pilsner. First, is a regular NZ Pils even a recognized, legitimate style? Because technically it’s still not a category nor a subcategory in the GABF or World Beer Cup guidelines. And then what’s so “Extra” about this one? Is extra more of something? Even though “Extra” can also mean less so with some beer terminology. And we admit, these are all valid thoughts. And this is our reasonable answer. In our opinion, a New Zealand-style Pils is essentially a German-style Pils brewed with New Zealand hops. So, it’ll be a touch more expressive and flavorful in regards to hop character – think Meyer lemon, passionfruit, apricot, Sauv Blanc wine, beach grass, and a diesel refinery in the distance. That said, it’s not dry-hopped, nor is it hopped at the rate of a Contemporary American Pils (see: Happy Little Clouds) or nowhere near the rate of a West Coast Pils. It’s a delicate beer to us – subtlety and balance is a must. As for the “Extra” part, we used some Extra Pale Pilsner malt in the malt bill, lightening up the color and malt character, drying the beer out a bit as well. The end result is, well actually, just a delicious little lager.