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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Wet Warp

Wet Hop West Coast IPA  |  6.9% ABV  |  65 IBU

Pshhhheewwwwwwwww VrrrrrrP! Hello. You have just been transported to the year 2001, where Simcoe is all the rage and Cascade is far and away the most popular flavor/aroma variety. But also, you are at a futuristic brewery that doesn’t exist yet. And it’s harvest! Aaaand they’re picking these hops on the same day at different farms – Simcoe at Perrault Farms and Cascade at CLS Farms – so obviously we pick them up throw them in an IPA recipe, but not like a new IPA recipe, it’s an old school California WC style one, which is also cool now, just like back then, then we go back to the brewery from the future, which we’re at right now right? Wait. Where the fuck are we. What kinda timeskip wormhole have we gotten ourselves into? HELP?!