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Who Saved Who

DIPA  |  8.2% ABV  |  60 IBU

Citra is truly in its prime right now. This past harvest, it surpassed Cascade as the most planted hop variety in the US – with over 6,500 acres strung! It hits all the juicy citrus and soft fruity notes – tangerine, red grapefruit, peach, mango – while coming off smooth, approachable and pleasant. Can it get any better?! Is this the TOP? Wait…is it all downhill from here? Maybe Citra needs a lil’ buddy to keep it interesting….That’s where Experimental Hop 630 comes in. This new hop also exhibits soft, smooth notes of fruit – a little citrus, a little raspberry, a little pineapple – but not in an overpowering way. So, we decided to pair the two hops together – in equal parts, all the way through. Citra is at the pinnacle of its career, but maybe Experimental Hop 630 is next. Only time will tell, but their coexistence in this beer makes them both better.
8.2% abv, 60 IBUs