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Wicked Awesome

Pale  |  5.4% ABV  |  18 IBU

This beeah is the best kid! It’s made with sweet wheet and fackin bloobarries – just like the fancy beeahs you and Tommy would drink bahk in the day befaw you wah twenty wan in his muthahs cellah but bettah becawse this one doesnt have a weeahd dawg on the label or come from Wahchusett – FACK Wahchusett buncha hicks – but it’s so pissah they prolly don’t have it at Cumbees or the regulah pahcky but they prolly have it at the fancy place ovah by root wan. I could go an forevah but ya beeah is wahming up and the sawx game is ahn so I’ll just shaht the fack up. Get it in ya! Go Sawx!
5.4% abv, 18 IBUs