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Will They, Won’t They IPA

IPA  |  6.7% ABV  |  50 IBU

Ok so we all know Mosaic is on the Mount Rushmore of IPA hops. It’s been referred to as a “cheat code,” a “game changer,”  “instant awesomeness” and “the MSG in your favorite IPA.” We love it, you love it, few hops are as delicious or dominant, and for very valid reasons. Luminosa, HOWEVER, is still untested and unproven. We’ve liked the beers we’ve made with it – often getting softer notes of tangerine, mango & melon – but we’ve only used it a few times, so it’s still this unknown variable. Hence, pairing it with some of our favorite Mosaic lots! Will they get along and compliment each other? Or will they clash and compete? Will the Luminosa round out the bright edges of Mosaic? Won’t they be BFF4EVR? (The answer is YEAH OBVS!)