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World Premiere

Pale  |  5.4% ABV  |  45 IBU

We have an announcement to make. This beer right here, tastes nothing like anything you’ve ever tasted before. Not even close. And it’s all because of these cutting edge, innovative American hops called….CASCADE. Ever heard of them? Didn’t think so. They’ve got these big notes of lemon flesh, pine needles, grapefruit, & black tea. And we laid them over a malt bill of pale and medium crystal malt for a copper hue with subtle notes of caramel and bread crust that EVERYBODY loves in their beer. Or, will love, once your pallets evolve. Heck, maybe someday, a beer like this will jump start an industry, creating millions of US jobs, generating billions of dollars in revenue, all while the evolution of said industry leaves this recipe behind as the snowballing demand for “GIMME something NEW!” swallows it whole. WHAT. It could happen!!!
5.4% abv, 45 IBUs