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Did you know both our locations have HEAT?! They do! So you have that going for you...

Yakima Freeze

Frozen Wet Hop Ale  |  6.5% ABV  |  50 IBU

Frozen Wet Hops? FROZEN WET HOPS. That’s what’s in this beer. Like, they picked the hops and instead of conveying them to the kiln….they conveyed them to a flash freezer….then into a Cryo mill….and sent them to a cold storage unit. And then, 6 months later, they showed up at our brewery….at -10 degrees. And we brewed with them the same we do with “regular” fresh wet hops. Technology, my people. It’s pretty fucking cool. 

! ! ! ! !

15#/bbl of Flash Frozen Wet Citra, Wet Mosaic, & Wet Simcoe from Wyckoff Farms.