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You’ve Got Pale!

Pale  |  5.9% ABV  |  45 IBU

This idea for this beer was inspired by a box of beer. But not just any old box, filled with uninspiring or anonymous beers. This box contained world class hops brewed by our friends at Cellarmaker (SF), Highland Park (LA), Green Cheek (Orange) & Pinthouse (Austin) that was packed & shipped between our breweries throughout 2020. As one thing led to another, we thought it would be fun to brew a beer together.  But not just any old beer – this one had to be magical. So we all started with a West Coast Hazy Pale recipe aka “Cellarmaker-Style Pale” base – keeping the malt bill, pH adjustments, & neutral fermentation profile the same between the 5 breweries. For hops – we limited ourselves to 3 total varieties each: 1 old school variety, 1 new school variety, and Citra. The old school & new school varieties were blindly drawn out of hat for each brewery, and could only be used by one of us.  We ended up with Simcoe (old school) & Talus (new school), which resulted in big notes of rugby red grapefruit, tangerine, passion fruit & pine.  The other versions of this beer will be out in local markets this week as well – so feel free to try and trade some beer, via your own beer box, to collect them all!