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Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast Episode 188: Steve Luke of Cloudburst

Steve Luke loves hops, and over a decade and a half working in the industry he’s learned quite a bit about brewing with them. Cloudburst is, effectively, his second act—a brewery built for the love of brewing after a career spent at larger breweries like Allagash, Captain Lawrence, and Elysian. Today, Luke blends the discipline and production precision he learned from larger-scale production with his passion for creating new hop-driven beers.

In this episode of the podcast, Luke dives into his technical and creative approaches to designing hoppy beers. Along the way he discusses:

The four components that define balance
Creating dryness and drinkability without sacrificing hops punch
Brewing different IPA expressions (hazy or West Coast) with a single yeast strain
Approaching IPA design from both directions, backwards from a visualized flavor or forwards from an ingredient inspiration
Minimizing flaked ingredients for longer stability
Chasing lower dissolved oxygen levels in packaged beer
Categorizing hops by flavor components and creating blends using his own visualization tools
The five or six hops that can make or break an IPA
The importance of contracting, and the imperfect science of selection
Building layered hop character with more hot-side additions
Water impact on hop expression
Dry-hopping strategy to speed up reduction of diacetyl precursors
And more.

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