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2019 GABF Bronze for English-Style or International-Style Pale

Endless Summer Nights

Summer came and left without a warning, I’d give my life for one more pint. Every single sip you took was mine, we can have it all again. There’s only so much I can say, so please don’t run away from what we brewed together. I still recall hops along the beaches. And I remember how you loved me. Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye. I remember every every moment, of those endless summer nights. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I’ll be right here waiting for you. Hold on to the nights. Hold on to the memories.


Words inspired by Richard Marx, Maris Otter Malt, our house yeast, and a complicated yet traditional hop bill of East Kent Goldings, Fuggles, Chinook, Cascade, and Noble Citra.